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Road Paving and Repair Services

Orlando Parking Lot Paving is a paving contractor who has been providing private road paving, road construction, and repair services for Orlando communities for many years. We have a highly experienced team who is perfect for the paving services that you need. Our licensed and bonded crew has years of experience servicing asphalt and paving large and complex projects in the Orlando area. Our locally owned and operated paving company offers a full range of services for any road repair or paving needs you may have.

Asphalt Road Paving

Asphalt is a durable, flexible material that is excellent for roads. It offers high traction, low glare, and can easily be repaired when damage occurs. It is also less expensive than concrete, making it a number one choice for large paving projects. If you are in need of a new asphalt road, or are interested in resurfacing, you’ve come to the right place!

Resurfacing is a method of adding a layer of new pavement over a sub base that is still in good condition. Instead of fully tearing out repaving a road, it is a cost effective method of adding new asphalt pavement for a total facelift.

Asphalt Road Repairs

Pavement distress accumulates as asphalt surfaces age and high-traffic corrodes them. Timely maintenance is key to prevent costly future repairs of your asphalt pavements. Our skilled contractors can assess your road to determine what type of asphalt repair is best for the situation. Our paving contractors offer the best property maintenance and new construction services including:

We are a paving contractor who excels in asphalt maintenance and paving. We like to say – quality doesn’t cost… it pays. But we also strive to offer competitive, affordable rates to our customers. We take into account traffic volume, usage, and other factors to make an informed quote for our recommended, low cost, longest-lasting suggestion.

Quality Asphalt Paving for All of Orlando

We offer top notch road paving and repair for property owners, HOAs, and communities throughout Orlando. We use the highest quality materials, and always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you have a townhome community, condo association, mobile home park, subdivision, or other private roads in need of fresh asphalt or repair, we can help!


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Road Paving

Starting with proper grading and finishing with quality line striping, our paving company offers a start-to-finish fantastic job for a reliable asphalt surface! High quality asphalt roads last for years, providing a safe and reliable driving surface for your community.

Road Resurfacing

Resurfacing is one of the asphalt services we offer. It removes the top layer of your asphalt pavement and lays down a layer of new asphalt on your existing sub base. It is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your road and have a completely fresh driving surface!


The dark black color of asphalt is a perfect surface to show off high-contrast pavement markings. We offer linestriping and signage to ensure your road is as safe and clear as possible for drivers.


Vehicle traffic, chemical spills, and severe weather all add up, and occasionally your road will need some repair. We offer pothole repair, cutting and patching, and solutions for other damage.

Serving all of Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas, including St. Petersburg and Ocala.

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Our asphalt paving company will boost the curb appeal of your community and make a great first impression. Improve your driver and pedestrian safety with our quality asphalt services. Whether you need asphalt installation, repair, or maintenance, call us for a free estimate for all of your paving needs! (866) 396-3551